Help Josh See in Vivid Color

Josh is a disabled veteran living in Cedar City, Utah. He was born colorblind, and has never seen the world like most people do. He served in the Army National Guard. He is married, and is raising four teenagers. More than anything, we would like to surprise Josh with being able to see color for his birthday. He does not even know that these glasses exist, or that anyone is trying to do this for him. Josh is currently going to school, and he has been studying his favorite subject, computers. He has been able to get certifications and pass simulation labs, even though he cannot see the colors of the wires in those simulations. While we are certain that his colorblindness has affected his ability to do as well on tests as he could have, he has worked hard to adapt. We hope to help Josh see vivid color, so that he can do what he loves and more easily provide for his family.

Josh loves computers and electronics, and has tried to work in these fields. Imagine trying to wire an audio system and not being able to tell if the wires are green or gray. You try to compensate as best as you can, but the moment that you make a mistake on which is which, is the moment that you are told you can no longer do the job you love, because you are colorblind. This was Josh’s experience when he worked in an electronic store. He had to switch from installation to sales because he could not see the differences between the wires sometimes.

Imagine wanting to get your wife a present in her favorite color (purple) and not being able to tell the difference between purple and blue. While it is true that Josh has no idea what he is missing out on, it is true that colorblindness affects his life in many ways every day.

Josh has Moderate deutans (“doo-tans”) which is a moderate form of red-green color blindness caused by an anomaly in the M-cone photopigment gene sequence.